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Surprise your partner with exciting news like (Honey, I'm pregnant) Oops! or (Baby, I just bought you a house!). And by wearing the LOVE RING, you can know their mood and their level of excitement!


  • The timeless mood ring is back and has been redesigned with a sleek, modern and comfort fit style up to par with today's fashion jewelry.
  • How do they work? Our Stainless Mood rings are inlaid with thermotropic liquid crystals in each band that display beautiful stunning colors depending on your mood, almost magic-like! The bands changing color effects are instantly responsive and change colors within seconds
  • These rings are comfortable to wear and are highly resistant to oxidation, rust, and corrosion. Each ring is given attention to detail, individually polished and given a final finish displaying a very colorful, elegant and comfortable ring.
  • Care Instructions: To maintain and protect your mood ring color quality avoid contact with water, harsh chemicals, physical damage, and high humidity/heat such as leaving in sunlight. 
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 Size Details:

6 size = 16  size =16mm in diameter

7 size = 17  size =17mm in diameter

8 size = 18  size =18mm in diameter

9 size = 19  size =19mm in diameter

10 size =20 size =20mm in diameter


Do fun things together! The easiest way to make a relationship stagnate is to just sit there doing nothing all the time!